Summer has arrived, and the temperature lingers over 35℃. What should we do to maintain the micronizer under sun hot weather, and free the components from being harmed? In the following section, Clirik will offer you some tips
    Gradually rising temperature brings challenge to the micronizers, as well as powder milling machine maintenance. It is a critical turning point. Under the high temperature, every part of the machines is going through subtle changes. Without proper defense measures, the machines may get “angry”, and break down. The maintenance for vertical mill machine is a big project. We may cool them down from many details.
   1. Clean up mill machines. Clean up the the accessories all around mill machine, including body, wear ring, mill roller, motor, belt, gear, and so on. The purpose of this is to find whether there are vulnerable areas.     
   2. Pay attention to the bilts, make sure they are fully equipped
   3.Make a list for the broken-down parts, and fix them one by one, especially for the problems concerned with security.
   4. Maintain the machines with lubrication, replacement oil, gear oil, and so on.
   5. Place the fixed machines on flat solid ground, or in machine storage.
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