Micronizer machine fill the blank of the domestic category


Micronizer machine has just been developed is used in industrial scale, but along with the continuous renewal of skills, now has been used to multiple categories, many pharmaceutical companies produce superfine powder of Chinese traditional medicine has reached the scale of production ability, to fill the gaps in the domestic category, to produce fine crushing equipment to carry out the meaning of landmark.

The material basis for the prevention and management of traditional Chinese medicine cure from the biological active site or active chemical components. Over the years the researchers' attention first converged on looking for has a variety of bioactive compounds. Organisms to drugs, however, absorption, metabolism, secretion is an extremely mixed and disorderly process, pharmacological effect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) occurred not only attributed to the drug characteristic chemical composition, should also be closely associated with physical conditions such as drug.

Therefore, all these years you start putting more attention to drug change in physical condition. But because of the skill bottleneck, sold on the market what Chinese traditional medicine micronizer machine is hype, more do not have to control the quality of the short of the corresponding size requirements. As people with Chinese traditional medicine superfine grinding skills to low temperature freezing superfine grinding, crushing with cold source temperature as low as minus 196 degrees, make the material embrittlement after crushing, the demand for capital and high, in veterinary medicine superfine powder preparation, not easy to implement and use.

In 2000, is engaged in the study of micronizer machine, ten years, managed to rely on its own intellectual property rights of traditional Chinese medicine superfine grinding skills in Chinese veterinary medicine and feed industry. First describes the advanced superfine powder of Chinese herbal medicine to collect, vacuum equipment aggregate equipment and gas flow separation equipment, break the traditional Chinese medicine superfine grinding skills bottlenecks.

On the basis of the traditional classical prescription, developed the beast with natural medicine micronizer machine preparation, using orthogonal experiment to optimize the conditions of Chinese herbal medicine superfine pulverizing skills, to explore the scientific and research fruit of skills, the professor judge is domestic first, as a result, not only deal with the questions about the scale of the produce of veterinary medicine superfine powder, also accustomed to the market demand, and show the infinite potential market.

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