Micronizer machine application in powder coating production


The main characteristics of powder coatings are harmless, high efficiency, resource saving and environmental protection. The powder coating is completely different from the ordinary coating and it exists in the form of fine powder. Because it does not use solvents, it is called powder coating.

The composition of the powder coating is mainly divided into two categories: thermosetting and thermoplastic. The thermosetting powder coating has better leveling and decorative properties. Therefore, it is commonly used for home decoration, as well as refrigerators and washing machines and external coatings for electrical appliances. Thermoplastic powder coating, because of its excellent resistance to melting and abrasion resistance, relatively strong toughness, and more used in industrial processing equipment, such as chemical equipment, metal mesh, etc., due to its excellent corrosion resistance, can also be used in automotive Parts, electrical parts.

Micronizer machine

Powder coating mainly exists in the state of fine powder, and because its processing technology is different from common coating materials, it needs to use a Micronizer machine.Shanghai Clirik is a manufacturer of medium-to-large mill equipment. The Micronizer machine can meet the needs of customers with low energy consumption, high environmental protection and high output. he company's ultra-fine mill, European version of the mill and vertical mill as the main Products in the milling machine manufacturing industry, product quality is very high, is one of the peer recognized high-quality Micronizer machine manufacturing enterprises.

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