Installation and Adjustment of Micronizer Mill


Installation and adjustment of micronizer mill

First, the micronizer mill, grinding machinery installation basic treatment

1) Dig the foundation according to the drawing size and compact the bottom layer; the concrete is cushioned and the surface of the cushion is flat;
2) Measure the position of the reserved hole of the micronizer mill main machine, the main reducer, the hoist, and the crusher foundation, and mark it on the cushion. According to the diameter and depth required for the reserved space, the PVC pipe or the log is placed at the position of the reserved hole, and the verticality is corrected. The steel bars are fixed up and down;
3) Main engine, main reducer, crusher foundation to prevent steel bars. Pouring concrete; the bottom surface of the crusher chute is smooth and smooth.
4) After 12 hours of concrete pouring, remove the PVC pipe or log. Check again if the reserved hole matches the dimensions of the drawing. A chute is opened in the upper part of the reserved hole to facilitate secondary casting.
5) Where the groundwater level is high, the walls of the hoist pits are poured with concrete to prevent groundwater from penetrating into the pit.

Second, the precautions for the installation of micronizer mills and micronizer millry:

*** Check all parts of the micronizer mill before installation, whether the components are damaged or not.
***When installing, there should be no debris, tools, etc. left in the micronizer mill.
*** When connecting the inlet and outlet pipes, the flanges should be parallel and natural, and they should not be forcibly connected. At the same time, the asbestos rope should be sealed at the joint.
***The fasteners and connectors are firmly installed.

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