How to use micronizer mill in winter


micronizer mill

In the winter, because of the weather and some ore production plant has stopped working, but some are still forced to produce the required work, how to use micronizer mill in the cold winter?

The first and basic is the work boot, since the micronizer mill is in a stationary state before the start, so the components can start according to a predetermined sequence, first open the hoist, and then washed sequentially start crushing chamber, analysis, blowers and the host, and finally to start feeder, and then added to the material.
Second micronizer mill shutdown work, you must stop before micronizer mill shut down supply of materials, the material to be processed all the crushing cavity can be closed completely feeder, feeder about to stop working after about a minute it can shut down the host .
Finally it is worth noting that in the winter, because of the weather, micronizer mill is very prone to rust, once the rust will definitely affect the normal operation of micronizer mill, it should always be checked for micronizer mill maintenance, regular lubrication to prevent flour machine rust.
Micronizer mill operations in the winter than in other seasons inspection and maintenance of times more, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, affecting the normal operation of micronizer mill.
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