How to solve the problems of micronization equipment


Micronization equipment is the key equipment for grinding after the material is crushed. It can be used to grind various kinds of ores and other materials by dry grinding method.
Our micronization equipments are widely used in cement, Portland products, new building material, fire-proof material, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal ores and glass ceramics production industry. They are suitable for all kinds of ores and other materials.
Widely used in the industry, the mill machines may have malfuction in micronization process. Among those problems, the finished products becoming coarsen is the often seen one. The causes may be complex. Once this kind of problem appeared, operators should carefully analyze finished product, accurately find out the cause, so as to take measures timely and ensure the quality of the finished product .The cause of the coaren of powder products usually has the following kinds: 
1. Due to the improper installation or bad material, the impeller in the classifier may often fall off or break occurs while during the process.  When the small-sized impeller fall off or break, the fineness of finished product will be coarsened. In this situation, the operator must stop the machine and check it.
2, Coarse powder impacts the classifier impeller for long time, and makes holes on coarse powder recycling pipe. In this condition, the coarse powder will leak into finished product area.  At this time, operators should repair holes.
3. The internal scale board is easily worn under long time impaction. If not changed in time, the internal sleeve could be worn out. At this time operators should repair holes and change the scale board.


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