How to solve micronizer mill powder rate low


Micronizer mill is used in the process of regular inspection and maintenance needs, some old customers experienced relatively abundant, regular inspection, maintenance and micronizer mill, and the new user during use will inevitably encounter some problems, such as micronizer mill installed What factors should be noted, how long you want to use for maintenance, which components are likely to wear, how to carry out maintenance 。Clirik  for everyone briefly explain the problem in the production of powder processing micronizer mill
micronizer mill
Micronizer mill used in the process may experience low or no circumstances flour powder, how this time to check and debug it? 
First, we must check and adjust the degree of the seal lock powder, the powder will cause Mifengbuyan secret suck. 
In addition, if badly worn blade Department, will result in material shovel can not afford to, and within a powder. Duct blockage can also cause a decline or no powder pink, then duct material should be promptly cleaned, re-cutting. The final step is to check pipes, pipe leaks to see if the leak should be sealed pipe. The above is affecting a variety of reasons micronizer mill low or no powder cases, this occurs again, the user can prescribe the right medicine to be checked for micronizer mill maintenance. 
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