How to repair ultrafine micronizer mill


how to repair micronizer mill
How to repair ultrafine micronizer mill First, we make a simple introduction about ultrafine micronizer millShanghai Clirik Machine developed ultrafine micronizer mill mainly by the host, separators, other components of the blower. It plays an important role in the field of powder grinding. It works by jaw crusher will open materials are crushed into the host grinding, and finally with the separator material output will reach fineness.  the last part of the separator is an important core components. Of course there are other kinds of wearing parts. 

When micronizer mill separator fails, it should turn off the power. The check level and the separator pressure is drastic changes. If there are changes, you should manually adjust the reset, you should also make sure the regulator valve on the gas squeeze prevent leakage failure, the pressure regulator has a note in the body of material properties and machine temperature, pressure caused by too much body heat serious . Fineness of the material increases, the pressure in the repair process transfers to the right, and for the separator to be adjusted such that the hydraulic fluid is maintained at between 1 / 2-1 / 3. There are other aspects to the timely replacement of wearing parts, timely replacement of oil, the equipment put 
In dry and ventilated place. The main parts of the machine to ensure the correct position under the premise should be tightened and reliable, fixed joints should be approached closely, under normal circums tances 0.04mm feeler can not go. Whether moving parts under load and no-load situations, should be flexible movement, there can be skewed or Caton phenomenon.Micronizer mill equipment failures, all handles not shake or move on their own, dislocation and other phenomena, as well as the important safety measures should complete and in good technical condition. Of course, if you have any questions you can consult us,Clirik welcome to you.
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