How to reduce the wear of the parts of the micronizer?


As we know, the parts of the micronizer are relatively easy to wear, whether it is a Raymond mill, a high-pressure mill or an ultrafine mill, in the daily use process, whether it is normal wear or accidental wear of the parts, It is harmful to the use of the micronizer.

Mineral Micronizer
In order to improve the utilization rate of the micronizer, the wear and damage of the parts must be reduced. In actual production, an important way to improve the utilization rate of the mill is to improve the wear resistance of the parts and fight against wear. Therefore, it is very necessary to carefully study the phenomenon and law of wear of parts, summarize various factors affecting wear, and formulate measures and methods to improve the wear resistance of parts.
1. Accident wear
The adjustment of the pulverizer after assembly does not meet the requirements of production, the repair and assembly quality of the pulverizer is poor, or the operator's improper operation, etc., make the pulverizer generate a lot of noise during operation, or make parts Sudden damage caused the micronizer to be forced to stop working for repairs or emergency repairs. These are accidental wear and tear of parts.
2. Normal wear and tear
Parts are constantly under load during work. After long-term friction, impact, high temperature and medium corrosion, the surface of the parts gradually wears out, and the geometric shape and surface structure of the parts are constantly changing, and the original processing accuracy and design performance are gradually lost. The wear of the parts reduces the mechanical efficiency of the micronizer, the energy consumed will increase sharply, and the production capacity will drop significantly, and a large amount of waste will appear. Then the mill will stop working and repair, which is due to the normal wear of the parts Caused by.
When we study the law of parts wear, we must study the characteristics of the gradual increase in wear of the parts of the micronizer. When the amount of wear of the parts increases to the allowable limit, it must be repaired or replaced, so that the normal working performance of the mill can be restored and its due working efficiency can be brought into play.
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