How does the micronizer mill make money?


Micronizer mill is mainly to solve the high-pressure milling machine can not reach the fineness,which was born a superfine powder processing equipment,mainly for building materials, chemicals, mining and other materials crushing, for enterprise customers, Buy micronizer mill  need to invest a lot, then what kind of micronizer mill processing materials to make money, how to process to make money?

micronizer mill

Processing materials of micronizer mill are mainly composed of quartz, feldspar, porcelain clay, clay, bentonite, calcite, talc, barite, fluorite, clay, white mud, gypsum and so on. Humidity below 6% of the various safety mineral materials.Micronizer mill grinding finished material particle size range of 325 mesh -3000 meshes (according to different requirements can be freely adjusted).

For calcite, dolomite, barite these materials, with Shanghai Clirik micronizer mill manufacturers micronizer mill after processing, its industrial applications doubled in the building materials, glass, paint, paint and other industries have a lot micronizer mill needs, because the micronizer mill want to make money, it is best to process the market shortage of ultra-fine powder.

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