Hot Sale HGM 80 Micronizer Machine Brief Introduction


I believe that, when we mention the HGM80 micronizer machine, may be lots of Clirik’s will not feel unfamiliar. Because, HGM80 micronizer machine is one of our popular grinding machine which is developed by us. Besides HGM80 micronizer, we have also had other models: HGM90, HGM100, HGM125 and HGM1680. And as a hot sale product. HGM80 micronizer machine also has lots of advantages. Clirik wants to talk this topic with you, today.

1. High safety and, reliability

There are no rolling bearings or screws in micronizer machine, so that there are no any problems could cause bolts shedding or rapid wear of bearings and seal components.

2. High efficiency

Compare with other grinding mill, under the same finished that final size and the same motor powder, the capacity of micronizer machine is twice as much as a jet mill, mixing grinder and ball mill, and energy consumption decreased 30%.

micronizer machine

3. Long lifecycle of spare parts

The ring and roller are forged by special material with high utilization. Under the same grinding material and finish special size, the lifecycle of spare parts is about one year. Furthermore, the lifetime of HGM80 micronizer machine can reach 2-5 years for grinding calcite carbonate.

Why our HGM80 micronizer machine is so popular? Because, the quality of micronizer machine is higher than other grinding mill. But the price of HGM80 micronizer machine is the cheapest in these five models grinding mill. If you want to know more details about our HGM80 micronizer machine, you can leave your message on our website.

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