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micronizer mill
Development trends of slag micronizer mill:

Building materials slag, blast furnace means when molten slag quenching, too late and the formation of a glassy crystalline substance. Was finely granular. Molten slag cooling directly into the pool, Also known as water quenched slag, commonly known as slag. After slag grinding, mixing the active material of the cement. Slag containing SiO2 and more acidic slag containing Al2O3 and CaO more alkaline slag. 

Slag micronizer mill processing technology introduction: 
Slag micronizer mill processing slag is very simple: the slag micronizer mill principle — Crusher—- ultrafine grinding machine —- 325 mesh -3000 slag / water slag powder. 
GGBS industrial uses: 
The main purpose is blending in cement and concrete added in the commodity, which utilizes various methods differ, summed up, mainly for use in three forms: the form of admixtures, admixtures form, the main form of doping. The main role is to improve certain characteristics of cement, concrete and improving early strength concrete. 
Slag powder equivalent alternative concrete and cement products for various purposes in the amount of cement that can significantly improve the overall performance of concrete and cement products. Slag powder as a new high performance concrete admixtures, has the advantage of improving the various properties of the concrete.

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