Diatomite micronizer mill


Diatomite micronizer mill is the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry, scientific research, metallurgy and other industry officials starchy materials or minerals; By high-speed shear, driven by a hammer in strong turbulence, the stainless steel mesh filter and the powder, the equipment is equipped with suction device, no powder pollution.
This series machine has low temperature, low noise, high efficiency, etc.

This series of machines are appropriate crush chemical material, dry brittle materials such as traditional Chinese medicine.
SF – 100 automatic micro milling machine technical parameters:
Grinding fineness: 60-120 mesh
Transfer rate: 2850 r/min, 65 decibels
Production: western medicine: 3-10 kg/h, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) : 2-5 kg/h
Power: 0.55 KW
Installation dimensions: 450 * 250 * 450 mm
Amount of weight: 35 kg

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