Bucket Elevator Characteristics


bucket elevator

In the conventional use of the elevator of the bucket elevator, the manufacturer always uses the bucket elevator to lift the product from a low position to a high position, and the supply material is automatically and continuously transported upward after being put into the hopper through the vibration table. The transfer speed can be adjusted according to the transfer amount, and the lift height can be selected as needed. And this is actually just the basic characteristics of the bucket elevator. Let's talk about its other features in the following small series!


The bucket type hoist has low driving power, adopts inflow feeding, induction discharging, and large-capacity hopper intensive arrangement. There is almost no returning and material excavation during material lifting, so the invalid power is small; the lifting range is wide. Class hoists have less requirements on the types and characteristics of materials, which can not only improve the general powdery and small granular materials, but also improve the materials with high abrasiveness, good sealing and less environmental pollution; good operational reliability and advanced The design principle and processing method ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation, and the trouble-free time exceeds 20,000 hours. The lifting height is high. The hoist is running smoothly, so it can reach a higher lifting height; the service life is long, the feeding of the hoist adopts the inflow type, and there is no need to use the bucket to dig materials, and there is little squeezing and collision between the materials. The TD bucket elevator is designed to ensure that the material is less sprinkled during feeding and unloading, reducing mechanical wear.


As a new type of energy-saving and high-efficiency lifting equipment, the bucket elevator can choose the HL and PL vertical bucket elevators with similar specifications. In addition, the hoist with simple structure, small footprint and reliable work is also a problem that everyone needs to pay attention to when selecting.

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