Away from the Dangerous Habit of Micronization Equipment Operation


    In the process of micronization equipment operation, if you come across various problems, you must pay attention to the operation specification. Some bad habits may result in your micronization equipment more difficult to operate. So when you
    Meet problems in micronization process, you must know how to deal with and know which method is more suitable.
Some operators still have a lot of dangerous habit in micronization process. Clirik Company will make a summarization for common operation precaution items in the following text. Hope our efforts be help to you.
    (1) Check various parts of the belt, the screw and the lubrication condition before starting. Clean the surrounding debris around the machines.
    (2) Put the raw materials into the hopper, adjusted the distance between two grinding roller. The tightness should be kept still in the micronization process, neither too tight nor too loose. The wire speed should not be too high.
   (3) During the process, the operator should be aware not to run out of the material. The two grinding rollers should be separated before stop the machine, I case the two grinding rollers contact with each other directly. The operators should always pay attention to the quantity in cylinder.
    (4) The material must be the filter before milled in the Raymond mill machine. If the equipment is jammed, operators can knock gently, avoiding knocking too hard.
    (5)Don't squeeze the grinding rollers too tight. Avoid excessive heat.
    Micronization equipment operators not only need to develop good habits of action, but also grasp solid basic knowledge of equipments. Avoid being harmed by some bad operating habits.

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