Advanced technology of micronizer mill


Micronizer mill industry now is the key of the mining machinery industry, many manufacturers make great contributions to the development, among them, CLIRIK's production of micronizer mill is of high efficiency, it also saves energy and pays attention to environmental protection and it is very clean, which is the best choice for processing mineral materials, the development of the national mine equipment is faster than early plans and what the market widely expected in China. Domestiic sales are of hundreds of millions of 2011, the actual position are beyond the proportion of export abroad rose 5% from the year before, the vitality of the industry and profits continued to grow, better profitability and abundant cash flow and the enterprise and form a strong support. New decay grinding are among the best in the market to accept ability to sort, steady progress.

2013 micronizer mill domestic sales will continue to increase, so the actual investment in the sector in 2013 will be a big probability event to expect more, specific figures should wait until the second half this year, micronizer mill as an example to show the domestic situation. Domestic industry should be jointly focused on promoting micronizer mill technology, to ensure that in the major projects at home and abroad,it can be applied to the new micronizer mill. In addition, good sales service is needed, describing the characteristics of the equipment to the customer, and inform the customer at ordinary times should pay attention to:

When material moisture is long, should it be put into production directly? The answer is obvious, of course, no, be sure to use all the means to actually pull material moisture out. Because grinding indoor by grinding material with certain water content, mill grinding heat cause indoor gas evaporation changed the gas flow rate, and the pipe connection is lax emissaries, air is sucked into the outside world, circulate air volume increased, lead to mill powder even less blasting machine. Meet the production requirements, material can be put into production, if there is a certain moisture content at this time, but also not too much time, my company's new micronizer mill has certain measures to protect the machine from the influence, new micronizer mill have been set up in the upper body have explosion-proof measures, it can avoid the maximum explosion accident harm, at the same time, the situation still can adjust fan with the host through the ductwork between the air flow to achieve the balance, and the excess gas import small cyclone collector, residual air into fine FenZi collection, the last section of the exhaust pipe on the cyclone collector from small discharged into the atmosphere, or import empty gas purification dust collector, however, technical requirements of the operator is higher, and needs timely discovery and adjustment.

Shanghai CLIRIK has a long-term development, focusing on the forefront of the market, strive to occupy an important position in the field of the world mining equipment. Products for the global market demand, focus on the breakthrough of own technology, to solve the problem of technology and market demand of major development, building Shanghai's leading mining equipment company, the company's micronizer mill, crusher, hoist equipment to do stronger and greater.

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